Our Difference

Focused and efficient best practice spreadsheet models, tailored software tools and a wealth of financial modelling experience.

Prophecy uses the following tools when developing best practice spreadsheet models:


Prophecy implements the Commandments – best practice standards for model development. The purpose of the Commandments are to support and guide the development of consistent, transparent, and robust spreadsheet models.


bpmToolbox is a comprehensive add-in to Microsoft Excel that allows users to efficiently build their own best practice models whilst also tailoring the theme of these models to reflect personal or corporate preferences. The two primary objectives of bpmToolbox are to:

  • Develop models in accordance with the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards
  • Make the model development process as efficient as possible

bpmToolbox helps us implement the Prophecy Commandments thus efficiently building Best Practice Spreadsheet Models.

Spreadsheet Studio – Prophecy Edition is another Microsoft Excel add-in that helps us audit our models and more efficiently perform peer reviews.


Considering stakeholders, model dimensions, materiality, future proofing and other key scope issues before model development begins saves time and money across the course of the project. Our financial modelling experience helps our clients properly scope projects and develop robust model blueprints.