Leverage our expertise for best practice spreadsheet development with project specific or ad-hoc/ongoing consulting services.

Project Engagement

Prophecy can be engaged to work on a specific project as and when required. The project process involves the following steps:

  • Proposal – Upon an initial discussion of your organisation’s needs, Prophecy will submit a proposal outlining an initial expected project cost as well as our relevant skills and proposed team.
  • Planning and Scoping – Upon acceptance of the proposal, Prophecy will advance to the model scoping phase. This phase is a crucial component of the model development process and typically takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. The process involves meeting all the key stakeholders and developing a model “Blueprint” – a document containing all key model specifications. This document will contain a detailed model scope as well as a reassessment of the estimated fee based on increased information. At this stage the client will have the option whether or not to continue the project.
  • Development – armed with the Blueprint, Prophecy will develop the Model in conjunction with our best practice Commandments. Prophecy will work at the client premises so as to facilitate discussions when it is convenient to the client.
  • User-Guide Development – On completion of the model and having received sign-off on the final draft of the model from the client, Prophecy will document the model so as to provide a model user guide to the client. The basis for this document will be the Blueprint.


Many businesses have a need for ad hoc/ongoing modelling requirements. Prophecy can provide one or more analysts who are fluent in the application of the Commandments and are armed with financial modelling software expertise and industry experience. All of the standard project steps listed can still be applied to each smaller project undertaken within a contracting agreement.