Prophecy is a financial modelling business which engages with other businesses to develop specifically tailored spreadsheet models and to train employees in Excel, Financial Modelling and best practice Implementation.


Prophecy develops best practice spreadsheet models using the Commandments, and uses bpmToolbox and Spreadsheet Studio for improved spreadsheet model development efficiency and quality.


By rigorously applying the Standards, by developing the model using specialist financial modelling software and by using our extensive financial model development experience, Prophecy models are:

  • Consistent (structure, formatting)
  • Robust (error, alert and sensitivity checks, formulae creation, workbook protection)
  • Transparent (formulae creation, purpose based formatting)

These characteristics are powerful in spreadsheets because they

  • Reduce model errors
  • Reduce development time
  • Reduce key man dependency
  • Increase model acceptance
  • Reduce auditing costs

Simply put – our high-quality best practice spreadsheet models save time and money.


If your organisation needs help with best practice spreadsheet model development, there are many ways in which we can help you. If there is a specific project or tool that you require help with, Prophecy can meet you to discuss the problem ahead of submitting a proposal to provide spreadsheet modelling services. Alternatively, many businesses have a need for ad hoc/ongoing modelling requirements. Prophecy can provide one or more analysts who are fluent in the application of the Commandments and are armed with financial modelling software expertise and industry experience. Should you wish to develop the models in house, Prophecy offers a range of Excel, financial modelling and best practice implementation training.

Where we’ve worked

Prophecy has delivered modelling mandates in the United Kingdom, South East Asia and Australia.